So this is a bit like that awkward time at the start of a course when you have to go around the group and introduce yourself and give a fun fact or the like.You’re asking yourself what people will be interested in about yourself while quickly trying to scan the filofax in your mind for fun facts.

I’m going to keep it simple for now but I’m sure this page will grow and evolve as I get deeper into my travels.


About me

I am a normal girl who has always had a secret wish to travel. I am embarking on probably the scariest thing I have ever done, leaving my job and flat and heading down under to start a year of travelling.

I am a solo female traveller and a bit of a culture geek. I love going new places, meeting new people and seeing new cultures which all fits rather nicely with a spot of travelling.

This is my first ever attempt at a blog but I have always been a travel journal kind of girl and love recording my experiences and taking lots of photos. I am also a big leaflet collector and often keep ticket stubs as mementos of my travels. As a year of this may result in a very heavy backpack I am venturing into the digital travel journal realms and using a blog to keep track of my travels.

I love taking photos so keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see the latest.


Where am I going?

At the moment, the plan is to wander through: –

  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Laos



That’s me. I will keep you updated as the year of travel unfurls. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.