My Aussie bucket list 

So we all have things we want to do, places we want to go, activities we want to try, and it stands to reason that along with a year spent in Australia is a bucket list of things  to do. This is my Aussie bucket list, it’s been added and subtracted to during the year and this is the final version. 

Visit Uluru 

Sunset at Uluru

So I ticked this one off my list within a month of arriving in Australia! Joining a 3 day tour I walked around Uluru and saw an amazing sunset and sunrise over the ‘red rock’. It lived up to expectations which I am so glad about, and is worth pride of place at the top of my list as such an iconic piece of Australian history. 

Dive the Great Barrier Reef 

Turtle spotting on the Great Barrier Reef

You think Australia and you think Great Barrier Reef so this was an obvious choice for my bucket list. After a learning to dive and gaining my open water I did indeed dive the GBR, several times in fact. It was awesome. The first time I saw a turtle is something I will never forget. 

Hold a koala

Okay so I finally achieved this on Magnetic Island but I can safely say it was not my most exciting experience with a koala, especially considering it pooed on me! 

Koala on the Forts Walk, Magnetic Island

Actually, seeing koalas in the wild beat holding a koala in a sanctuary ten times over. The Forts Walk on Maggie is a good place to see them and I also saw them in Victoria. Our campsite on the Great Ocean Road had a koala in a tree plus kangaroos hopping around, can you get any better. 

See a kangaroo

A Tassie roo

I’ve seen tons. At first it was exciting but you do become a bit immune to it after a while, especially when they become a road hazard! Saying that, it was of course amazing to see a roo. 

See a crocodile

Jumping Croc Cruise up in Darwin

Having never seen one in the wild this was on the list, in fact there quite a few Aussie animals on my bucket list! I went from never seeing one to seeing heaps. While in Darwin I ‘swam’ with a saltie in the cage of death as well as spotting them out in the rivers. In Palm Cove we got a croc warning as soon as we checked into the hostel. And throughout the Kimberley’s we saw lots of freshwater crocs sunbathing on the banks. 

Drive the Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles

This is one of the most well known road trip routes in Australia and I can see why, forest walks and beautiful beaches, what more can you want. 

Road trip Tassie

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

This was a late addition to the list but if I’d known how great Tassie was before it would had been on the list from the start. Can’t recommend a visit to this state enough. 

Sail the Whitsundays 

Whitehaven Beach

A definite must when travelling the east coast. Had some great snorkelling here but unfortunately it rained while at Whitehaven Beach so I didn’t quite see how amazing it was. 

Drive a 4WD on Fraser Island

Driving on Fraser Island

So much fun. A sand island, driving is tricky and fun at the same time. The island also has beautiful swimming holes and beaches, so happy to tick this one off the list. 

Sleep in a swag under the stars

Sleeping in a swag in Pardoo

You haven’t camped until you’ve slept in a swag, it’s an experience. While potentially and often quite cold, waking up to see the stars overhead is unbeatable. 

Work abroad

Working on a farm

One of the main reasons I chose to come to Australia was to work here too. I found it quite tricky to get work, you have to be patient. However I did indeed find work and tried several different things, all fantastic experiences that bought me closer to the real Aussie life and not just the backpacker community. I wager I know more Victorian place names than many Victorians after one on my jobs! 

Live abroad 


Rather than just travel I wanted to actually live somewhere and become part of a city. This happened in Melbourne and I can honestly say it was amazing and heart wrenching to leave when the time came. Living abroad is an amazing experience I’d recommend to anyone. 

Have a beach Christmas 

Christmas Day on Coogee Beach

It’s Australia, what else are you going to do. I therefore joined many other travellers to celebrate Christmas on Coogee Beach, Sydney. 

See Sydney’s NYE fireworks 

Happy New Year!

Having grown up always seeing these on telly this was a must. While we ended up staking out our spot from 8am it was a great day and the fireworks were amazing. 

Sample some Aussie wine in a winery

Exploring the Barossa Valley

Sometimes you just need to forgo the goon! Australia has some amazing wines and I ended up visiting not just one but 5 wine regions. 

See aboriginal rock art  

Kakadu rock art

I was keen to absorb some aboriginal culture and seeing rock art in Kakadu and the Kimberley’s was amazing. 

Sleep underground at Coober Pedy   

Unfortunately this one I failed to do. I skipped it as it was cold at the time of year I was considering it and then afterwards I discovered it’s a very hard/expensive place to get to unless you include it in a tour to Uluru. 

Visit the Daintree Rainforest 

Home to some unusual ice cream flavours

Where two natural world heritage sites meet, yes please! The beaches there were stunning, Rainforest one side and GBR the other, beautiful. Plus it has some amazing ice cream! 

Swim with whalesharks 

Swimming with whalesharks on Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth

Another later addition as I didn’t think I’d have time for the west coast. I am so glad I did, this was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Venture into the Kimberley’s 

Walking through the Bungle Bungles

This made the list while I was living in Darwin, I hadn’t really heard of it before. One of the last places I visited in Australia it was beautiful, the Bungle Bungles are unreal. Definitely go if you can. 

See something at the Sydney opera house

Watching a show in the Sydney Opera House

Managed to tick this off the list over Christmas with an amazing circus performance, perfect choice as I’m not a big opera fan. 

Meet a quokka 

Quokka on Rottnest Island

Who doesn’t want to get a selfi with these adorable creatures. Cycling round Rottnest Island you bump into them everywhere, just keep an eye on your food or it’ll disappear before your eyes.

That’s it folks 

21 out of 22 isn’t bad right. So that’s my Aussie bucket list, hope it inspires you to tick a few off for yourself. 


One thought on “My Aussie bucket list 

  1. Sophie says:

    Wow! It looks like you have had the best year, what wonderful experiences! Diving with turtles and swimming with whale sharks- yep, I’m jealous!
    Thanks for sharing Katie- inspirational! Xx


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